Of our fitness program

Our fitness centre has the very good range of fitness program and this fitness program has the assured results on your body and health.

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Our fitness centre has introduced the pilate classes for the first time. Pilates classes will increase your core strength and make you strong for every physical fitness program.


Our fitness centre has the aerobic master who will make you slim and trim in the very compatible time. In the aerobics we has added so many other activities to boost up the intensity.


Our fitness centre has the experienced trainers who are specialised in the weight training. Our trainers will train you with perfection so that your body transformation looks ideal.


Our fitness centre has the certified yoga trainers for the matchless yoga training ever. Our yoga trainer will have the mastery over the every yoga asana and pranayams.

Cardio Training

Our fitness centre has the advanced cardio classes and under that we have listed several core exercises, spinning classes and other intendse exercise for the fat loss.

Our Packages

Our fitness centre has introduced several attractive packages for the fitness.

Weight training Ultra

1 Year Training

Take the benefit for the 1 year package of the weight training form our experienced trainers.

Rs.12,000/- / Year

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Pilate Session Basic

3 months

Take the benfit and get ready for the advanced fitness level after this course.

Rs.2,500/- / Month

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Cardio Classes

3 months

shred the extra kilos with the help of cardio classes focused on the weight loss only.

Rs.2,800/- / Year

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Weight training basic

4 months

Make yourself familiar with the weight training basic package and get ready for the advanced level.

Rs.4,800/- / Year

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Yoga Classes

3 months

Our certified yoga trainer will make you perfect in the yoga with active participation.

Rs.2,400/- / Month

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Aerobic classes

3 months

Our fitness trainer will make you in shape by the creative fitness patern of aerobics.

Rs.2,600/- / Year

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