For those just getting started in color separation and also needing to save a few dollars, by all means consider QuikSeps Professional which is now the second-best color separation program available for t-shirt printers.  However for those who demand the very best to gain an edge on the competition, then UltraSeps CSS v2 is the logical choice.

UltraSeps CSS v2, now officially named UltraSeps v2 is the most advanced color separation program ever developed for t-shirt screen printers.

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UltraSeps v2 is the new big brother of QuikSeps Professional which set the standard in color separation software for t-shirt screen printing.

UltraSeps is the top product of its kind in use globally with over 7,000 users and includes 2 different system unlocks so it’s really like getting each copy at half price along with other useful bonus software included at no cost.

Just think about this for a minute, for the cost of about 4 gallons of ink, you can own the most feature rich, highest quality, well supported, industry standard t-shirt color separation software that'll last forever!

UltraSeps has the power, flexibility and ease of use to make complex, dramatic t-shirt color separations possible for the new user while offering Photoshop Pros the most advanced application of its kind to speed up the separation process.

Basically, if a file can be opened within Photoshop, it can be utilized by every tool UltraSeps offers, so this includes everything! Enhance and repair images, modify the art and then choose from 14 different types of color separations, not just 1 like some other products.

Even if you already own another color separation program that maybe you're just about "getting by with", isn't it a good idea to add all the time-saving features and power of UltraSeps v2 to your art department?